To become really successful in your business you have to get your prospects and customers to Know, Like and Trust you. 

The simplest and perhaps the most effective way of doing this is to simply log all communications you have with your all your prospects and customers in that contacts "Communication Log".

It's incredibly fast and easy to do -- whether it be an email, a conversation, or just a reminder.

Just click on any contact from within AlbertCRM, and the "Communication Log" will open first.

In the below example, before you speak to or email Bob again, you simply check his "Communication Log" first, and everything you need to know about what was last communicated will be there.  

With AlbertCRM you'll always seem to be more caring towards your prospects and customers, no many how many you have!

Further info:

If you are not sure how to log your emails to your contacts "Communication Log":

Click Here if you use webmail e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc...

Click here if you use a desktop mailere.g. MacMail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc...

Hope this helps.